A Checklist to Help Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Sometimes what gets us motivated to do something we try to avoid is seeing a list of details we need to take care of. In this case I am talking about Pre-Planning your Funeral

Funeral Planning with McKenzie Funeral Services

What are your wishes for your Funeral?

Arrangements; from a traditional full service funeral, a celebration of life, or to a simple cremation or burial.

To make Funeral Planning easier we have created the following checklist for you and your family to make these uneasy decisions clearer.

  • Choose the type of disposition you would like: Burial or Cremation.
  • Is a Cemetery Plot or Niche need to be reserved or in the question of your decision?
  • Where are all my estate papers for my executor located and do they have access to them? (wills, property papers, bank info, safety deposits, etc…)
  • Type of Casket or Urn I may want?
  • What Funeral Service/ Home would you like to take care of your arrangements? Are they Family Owned and Available when I need them?
  • What kind of Funeral, Celebration of life, or No Service would I like?
  • Location of the Funeral Service.
  • Ask yourself, does my family want a Funeral for me and discuss these options with them?
  • Select newspapers you wish to have an obituary published in.
  • Who would I like to speak at my Funeral?
  • Is there specific music that reflects you that you would like played?
  • How can I make my Funeral or Gathering personalized to my life and what I enjoyed and represents me?
  • Type of Flowers? Food?
  • Pre-Fund your Funeral Plan to relieve Peace of Mind and Financial Stress.

This list contains just some of the most important decisions that need to be made when pre-planning ones funeral. Just remember that a funeral service can be anything you want it to be, but no one can create the service you want unless you plan it ahead of time. Planning a Funeral is simple, just contact your funeral director and sit down with them to decide your wishes as they write them down.

Hope this has helped and stayed tuned for our weekly blog.

4 thoughts on “A Checklist to Help Pre-Plan Your Funeral

  1. You make some excellent and valid points. It is so disconcerting to think about your own demise. I always tell people that their family will have to make approximately 100 to 150 decisions within the first 24 hours. Knowing that they will be taking at least some of the burden off of their loved ones can give them peace of mind.

  2. I was so disappointed that you did not give a mention to the many funeral celebrants who serve you so well. Forty years as a celebrant and you know as well as I do that the ceremony is more important to the survivors than anything else. Yet the quality of the funeral ceremony hardly gets a mention in your list. Do you realise how disrespectful of others you are?

    • Thanks for your concern. Our Checklist was not to leave anyone out but to give people some form of guidance. Coming from a family whom my father is a Celebrant himself I know the importance they play in making a funeral service meaningful for family and friends. Thank you for your comment and we apologize if we made the role of the Celebrant left out, it was not intentional.

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